Sunday, June 12, 2011

Antler's Kingfisher Lodge's photostream


"Can't teach an Ole Doug New Tricks!"  

This is my first ever blog... what is the world coming to at Antler's, Kingfisher Lodge???

The season opened May 20th with sunshine and perfect weather... Friday and Saturday were sunshine and great temperatures, then Sunday we awoke to the sound of rain drops on the roof which gave everyone an excuse to stay in bed, or get up and have an early "eye-opener"!  Sunday evening the sun came out at 4 pm and stayed right through till Monday night!  The fishing was lot's of walleye (pickerel) below the size limit of 40 cm and the smell of deep fried fillets permeated the air almost overpowering the sweet smell of the Pines!  The Pike men of the "McConnell Clan" are suppose to be forwarding their pictures of the great Northerns they caught, with nothing huge by River standards, biggest they said was 18 lbs.  The walleye favorite depth was 27 feet up until June 1st, with lot's of "old timers" sliding some great fish over the size limit back.  Things changed on the 1st and the first of many were being caught by trolling instead of jigs and minnows.  Around June 7th the big Northerns started patrolling the shallows and competing with the large Walleye for minnows in the shallows... top water was the way to go!  (Don't know if Jarett has loaded the pictures yet of some "box size Pike")!  So get ready to tie on the worm harnesses if you want to fill the fry pan!

How was that for my first blog... and remember.. When the Province of Ontario gave me my guide and outfitters license it carries with it "the legal license to lie", so take everything with a grain of sand and "use the back end tail of the worm to catch more fish"!

Till summer opener June 21st when the Bass Fishing will be hot and heavy ones on the 24th...

Ole man of the river Doug signing off!